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About Us

Driven | Passionate | Capable

Scope Consulting is a donation based Junior Enterprise consisting of a diverse and knowledgeable group of consultants. We offer solutions in strategy, engineering, optimization, and data analytics for a variety of businesses, non-profits, and student organizations.
Our mission is to provide our members real market consulting experience by utilizing educational experience to solve real world problems and develop tomorrow's leaders


Project Methodology

1. First Contact ~ Project Acquisition Director reaches out to the Client

2. Assigning the Team ~ Team of 3-6 consultants from different majors and backgrounds are assigned to team

3. Initiation ~ Contract between team and client is signed, and teams skill levels are assessed

4. Planning ~ Team sets rough timeline for goals and deliverables for client

5. Development ~ Team works on potential solutions for problem; has meetings with clients to present progress

6. Implementation ~ Team sends in and presents final deliverables and strategies created for client

7. Closing ~ Project is reviewed with Project acquisition director and client and final steps are approved

Click below to contact us with any questions about our Project Methodology

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