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Data Analytics

Trueblood Real Estate

Trueblood Real Estate is a real estate brokerage serving over the state of Indiana. With offices in Fishers, Bloomington, Lafayette, and St. John, they are a young real estate company with their average brokers in their 20s, compared to most real estate businesses, where average brokers are in their 50s. While Trueblood is doing a lot of great things for Indiana state residents, they are always looking for ways to utilize technology to their benefit. Trueblood is looking to set up a comparative dashboard for their real estate agents to compare their net sales, earned revenue and commissions against other agents. This is important to the Chief Operating Officer as the company has struggled with live action input and output of data, and most of their real estate numbers don’t know their numbers. Scope’s role will include gathering an initial understanding of Trueblood and key Real Estate KPIs, extracting key information from Trueblood’s platform (Back-Office), and finding ways to visualize identified data. Our final goal is to provide the client with data and clear insights about the performance of Trueblood agents and a clear strategy for agents to perform at a high level.

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    Cordian Technologies

  • Built representative visualizations using matplotlib and seaborn

  • Performing feature engineering for a potential predicting model

  • Developed an algorithm to merge all the datasets into a master excel file using python’s libraries Pandas and Numpy

  • Combined all datasets manually to validate and verify combiner algorithm

  • Researched approaches for data cleaning and creation of synthetic data

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