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  • Document process standards using Muri and MODAPTS analysis

  • Analyzed time to complete tasks, identified countermeasures for high wastes processes and unreasonable work for operators

  • Used the standards and trends identified from their analysis to complete a manpower forecast

  • Provided client with a closing assessment of time standards

Igloo Frozen Custard (111)

  • Consultants used current and past data and observations about the two Igloo locations (data such as cook to order time) in order to eliminate inefficiencies and document a standard set of operation procedures



  • Optimized storage space inside the kitchen facilities to increase the flux of people

  • Reorganized products in the refrigerator and freezer to enhance efficiency

  • Tackled a bottleneck issue at registers

  • Decreased time spent at registers by 25%

Go Green

  • This challenge consisted on providing an innovative business model that can enable universal access to energy

  • The proposal argued why hydropower should be utilized as an affordable and renewable energy source with potential to increase its global access


Igloo Frozen Custard (11)

  • Creating a current map of restaurant storage to analyze workflow

  • Proposing new storage layout and map based off these observations of the workflow during operation hours

  • Researched different methodologies across different successful business to design a storage technique of our own

  • Standardizing storage across two locations to reduce time waste for employees and inefficiencies


  • Analyzed specific ingredients that are labor expensive/costly through Greyhouse’s POS system

  • Used historical data to develop a forecast of the necessary quantity for each ingredient for upcoming months/weeks/days

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  • Waiting on restaurant data for excel analysis

  • Exploring usage vs expected cooking time

  • Comparing usage with physical storage/inventory location

  • Creating employee satisfaction survey

  • Designing and proposing new kitchen layout based off data-driven results and streaming general process flow

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