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Professional Development
Case Competitions

Scope Members take on all of the opportunities we can to better develop our knowledge of consulting. We take part in case competitions brought to us by various companies. These case competitions provide our consultants an invaluable experience in which we are able to conduct deep dive research, create presentations, and present our level of professionalism to judges.


JE Summit

JE USA hosts allows their partnering groups to engage in team building and learn more about their community. This allows for networking with a wide variety of professionals from various industries.

Last year, Scope had the privilege to attend the annual JE conference hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


At Scope we value our members' professional development. Our goal is to leave Scope better prepared for the real world opportunities. Many of our members have gathered essential experience and knowledge in Scope to be able to apply to internships in some of the best companies.

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