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Indie Coffee Roasters

Indie Coffee Roasters is a Indiana based brand that has been roasting coffee and selling beans at local markets since 2013. Recently, in September 2021, the company opened a second location in West Lafayette, IN to expand to a new community. They specialize in offering their products through the use of a wholesale shop that sells single-origin coffee, merchandise, gift cards and subscriptions. They have established a successful business model with a great following, and are now looking for ways to compete against other wholesale and established coffee brands. Our project with Indie Coffee Roasters will center around disrupting office building coffee supply and getting Indie’s brand in more offices. To date, the business does not offer office items but is interested in this challenge to help companies give their workers an increased social experience and good tasting coffee in their office. Indie is also interested in adding wholesale clients in the form of breakfast cafes and coffee shops. A successful project would center around being able to produce a clear strategy to get coffee and equipment into offices, breakfast cafes, and shops considering the products sold by the company and price points for products and ingredients.



LTHC is a non profit organization based in the Tippecanoe Lafayette area which provides temporary shelters to homeless individuals.They are mainly dependent on funding streams, donations, and volunteering efforts from community members. Their main mission is to help families, veterans, and individuals find permanent housing. They currently have social media accounts on facebook, twitter, and instagram and would like to expand to Tiktok if needed. Their main goal with is to improve efficiency and optimization of Social Media outreach to get the right customers(donor) and get the donation needed as well as advertising for different campaigns on their platforms. Moreover, LTHC would like to reach back to donors through their Harness platforms (SMS). 

Shine On University

Shine On University is a non-profit organization in Lafayette. It is a day service center for those disabled in the community and was recently put under new leadership. They provide continued learning, meaningful day programs, community outings and the opportunity to make lifelong friendships. Shine On University is seeking is more funds and interaction from the community/campus. We will look into how to encourage members of the community to volunteer by hosting new interactive events/fundraisers through partnerships. These will be advertised events that are planned and executed fully. Any other areas of help may include advertising, social media exposure, and organization of financials and structure overall.

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Boiler Vintage

  • Performed market research to identify branding opportunities, looked at ways to streamline online selling, examined price points to identify optimal margins to increase sales, and identified optimal locations to have events

  • Provided client with a clear strategy and steps to expand their business and increase their following


  • Performed A/B testing to improve their advertising techniques

  • Used Facebook Ads to empirically define their target customer, increase engagement and improve their brand awareness

  • Suggested improvements to their website


Bridge for Mobility

  • Increase the number of Colombian nurses that are interested in working in Germany and decrease the dropout rate of current members of the program

  • Mapping out the scope and source of the problem in order to develop a research strategy for possible solutions

  • Use of data analytics to understand the demographics of the nurses and how to attract more candidates.


  • Conducted market research to provide the client with a briefing of their market position

  • Determined their target customer

  • Analyzed the possibility of expanding to other countries


La Scala

  • Redesigned website on Shopify to facilitate online ordering and meal subscription plan comparison

  • Researched and prototyped more efficient options to survey subscribers' menu choices

  • Suggested improvements to their website to make it more user friendly

Cordian Technologies: 
Market Research

  • Conducted Market Research surrounding EKG purchases and usage

  • Communicated closely with hospitals, doctors, surgeons, and hospital administration

  • Researched competing technologies and medical practices surrounding Cardiology

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 4.26.33 PM.png

Continuum Apartments

  • Provided an in-depth marketing strategy that will enable the company to target their desire market group.

  • Conducted research on employees, students, and competitors to provide the clients hard data that supports our suggestions.

  • Analyzed data that was collected through surveys conducted on residents in the West Lafayette area.

V's Delicacies

  • Explored new options to create revenue streams (Farmer's Markets, Cooking Classes, Food Bazaars, etc.)

  • Provided extensive market research that the business could expand to.

  • Researched competing businesses in the Lafayette community to study what made a catering company successful.

  • Implemented strategic menus the catering business could use for particular events.


Igloo Frozen Custard (1)

  • Redesigned drive-through operations to advance the speed of fulfillment increasing daily capacity

  • Provided technology-based recommendations varying between speakers and hand held devices at their two locations

  • Encouraged online ordering through improved signage and provided remodeling plans expanding customer base

Wire Notes

  • Analyzed data from current market for ground model and approach for outreach

  • Provided market strategy on entering regionally expanded market

  • Conducted research and surveys for university students and officials in the American market

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Boutique Lori Ann

  • Collected Clover POS data, digitally mapping customer profiles and item sales

  • Utilized data to provide an in-depth analysis of brand sales for the client, to improve sales in select brands.

  • Developed a marketing strategy based on synthesized to cater to Purdue Students and West Lafayette residents.

  • Deployed a market research survey in order to understand Purdue customer base and develop a clientele for the client

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