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What Questions do you have?

What is the expected weekly time comittment?

We expect Scope members to put in about 4-5 hours of dedicated work per week.

Does it matter if I am a senior? freshman?

Not at all! We are open to and accept members of all levels of work experience

Does it matter if I am not a Business or Engineering major?

Absolutely not! Scope prides itself on the diversity of our members and this includes our educational backgrounds. Scope has members in 14 different majors and who are all valuable members of the team.

How many people make up each project team?

There are about 3-6 Scope members per project team.

What is Scope's criteria for accepting members?

We want members who respect our group's values. We are also looking for people who exhibit skill sets that are in line with the projects we take on in order to present the best possible outcome for our clients.

How many projects per semester does Scope work on?

Scope takes on about 5 projects per semester. Each project lasts about a semester and rarely go past this due to the efficiency in which our projects are developed and structured.

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